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How efficient is your power usage?

If you don't know you are probably paying too much.

Maximum Power Transfer Solution (MPTS)

Power Factor correction, Monitoring and Management System that ‘SAVES’ operational costs (min. $50K per year)

MPTS Benefits include:

  • Power Factor correction. Improves any value of low power factor (PF) to greater than 0.95%.
  • Decreases electric current consumption measured in amperes
  • Reduces kVA, kVAh, kVAr, and kVArh.
  • Significantly reduces Total Power Consumption, maximizes electrical efficiency & improves network power quality
  • Stabilizes electric network voltage (provides surge protection).
  • Releases capacity due to reduced amps.

Customer Testimonial

American Academy, Douglas County Schools District, Colorado

“Because of these systems, we have seen a $40,000 annual savings per campus. The implementation of these systems was quick and easy and we instantly started seeing savings. With these significant savings, we are able to help our staff by increasing salaries, all while being more energy efficient and doing our part for the environment.” 

Sean Milner, Chief Financial Officer

MPTS Power Management Controls

  • Easily navigable and provides valuable insights for CFOs, Maintenance Teams, Energy Managers, M & V professionals, and CEM’s
  • Reports and data can be downloaded remotely
  • Using a patented impedance matching technique, MPTS matches the supply input and user demand load
  • Works automatically with the same high efficiency for highly unbalanced and balanced electrical loads
  • Releases installed capacity of an electrical network
  • Enabled to get the most out of installed switchgear to maximize electrical supply and equipment availability

Commercial and Federal Government Buildings Saving Energy, CO2, and Operational Costs

Education Campuses


Office Towers

Medical Centres

Shopping Centres

Hotels & Casinos

Frequently Asked Questions

The MPTS system intelligently manages and controls your electrical power usage. It automatically adjusts and optimizes electricity demand and consumption in real-time. This helps reduce energy losses and harmonics (electromagnetic distortions) across the electrical network, saving you money and being better for the environment.

Improve your electrical network efficiency, reduce repair costs, reduce downtime, and save money on your utility bill.

This chart shows a 14-storey commercial building before and after MPTS commissioning. The chart has been verified by a third party.MPTS Chart


Yes and No. MPTS is the next generation of power quality technology solving all these issues in one solution. MPTS replaces each of these providing a better solution, with none of the inherent problems these legacy technologies create.

MPTS has a fail-safe mechanism and no power interruption to the load.

Yes and No! Other companies and products exist to address the issues the MPTS solves. Our products are based on patented innovative technologies. No known product is similar or as effective as our solution

Results can be seen immediately upon installation and commissioning.

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